Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Salad

In the season of strawberries, what better to eat than Strawberry Salad?   I have a wonderful recipe to share with all of  you that I just love to eat during the summer.   This is light, healthy and will favor your taste buds as well.

Strawberry Salad
1 cup sliced strawberries
1 cup baby spinach
1/5 cup almond slivers(blanched, roasted, salted, any way you like 'em)

For the dressing:
2 tbsp olive oil
salt to taste
1 tsp orange juice
2 tsp honey(optional - I like that tinge of sweet)
1 tbsp finely chopped chives for garnish and flavor
a dash of cinnamon
Whisk dressing ingredients in a mixing bowl until smooth.  Add strawberries,spinach and almonds to the blend and toss.  Eat fresh or chilled.

Variations: Sometimes, I add red pears or apples and/or dates, to make this more filling and healthy.  You may add walnuts too.  Use mixed greens instead of spinach for a change. Goat cheese is another way to go for added nutrients.  Add your own special touch with raspberry vinaigrette, or spice it up with some cayenne pepper.

Let me in on your twists on salads this summer. 

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  1. loved the salad......its so easy to make & tastes lovely.....keep posting more.