Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Morning Blues...

It is Tuesday, July 5th, and although this promises to be a short week, I had a hard time getting ready for work this morning.  This weekend was pretty good for me in that I did not clean closets, a dreadfully boring task.  Instead, I took my daughter to the movies, which I never do (many thanks to my hubby for this; he watched my little one the whole time)!  We went to watch Cars 2 – superbly entertaining.  Instead of cleaning curtains and comforters, I took my little one out in her stroller twice every day. 
Unlike most people, instead of winding down on Sunday night in anticipation of the routine and running around slated for the coming week, I go into overdrive, trying to do all the things that I was not able to get to over the weekend.  This way I do not have tasks piled up for the next weekend, and me being me (cleaning compulsive, although you wouldn’t think it when you come visiting!), I probably would not be able to endure a whole week with too many pending things staring me in the face. 
Last night, however, I resisted.  I had had a good weekend so far.   I did end up doing a lot of dishes, and laundry, of course!  However, I did go to the movies, and I did catch up on some long overdue reading and also managed to watch a movie at home, albeit in two sittings (which isn’t bad).   All the ‘me’ time at home was at the expense of some much needed beauty sleep, staying up until the wee hours of the morning!  That’s why I say – no pain, no gain!  Gotta work on some easy peasy recipes for the week to give myself a break.  But first, let’s focus on today’s breakfast item, it’s gotta be grab-and-go, but healthy. 

Yogurt Parfait
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 cup blueberries (I love berries)
½ cup granola/chopped nuts

Top yogurt with berries and granola/nuts, enjoy!

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