Friday, February 10, 2012

My new love...Grapefruit!

In an attempt to switch to a healthier lifestyle, I find myself hunting for great tasting raw foods, and I am  absolutely in love with grapefruit.  Most people I know always shunned them because they tend to be slightly bitter and/or sour.  I ,on the other hand, have always loved things with a slight bitter twist to them, like tonic water, for example (which is a no-no, since it is soda, after all).  Some prefer to eat grapefruit with a sprinkling of sugar. 

For those of you who 'd like to become fellow devourers (is that really a word?) of grapefruit, please feel free to indulge in some fresh grapefruit salad (recipe in one of my previous posts - Grapefruit Salad, this post also lists some of the myriad benefits of consuming this fruit).   Benefits extend to the peel, which is used for dual purposes.  Grapefruit peel oil is used for massages for it's anti-aging properties.  Grapefruit peel masks and scrubs act as great exfoliants.  Apart from all this, it comes in three great colors - white, pink and red.  So mix it up!

I always look forward to your comments on your experiences with healthy whole foods and your journey to a holistic lifestyle.  Do drop me a note sometime.  Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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